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PRICELIST for hunts during the 2017 season.

(or download PDF document) 2017 Ndumo Safaris Pricelist

All our buffalo, elephant and leopard hunts are sold as packages. Available plains game, spotted hyena, crocodile and hippo can be added onto any of these hunts, if a quota is reserved and available on them.

Most of our hunts are conducted on one of our own three areas, (namely Bwabwata National Park East, Sikunga conservancy- and Sobbe Conservancy).

Most trophy fees on additional animals are the same across all three our concessions, but the packages, trophy fees and hunts for elephant, buffalo and leopard in our National Park area, are sold at a premium, as they also include a concession fee.

  • 10-day hunt for one Cape buffalo trophy on Sobbe conservancy: US$ 16 500
  • 10-day hunt for one Cape buffalo trophy in Bwabwata Park: US$ 26 500

  • 10-day hunt for a non-export elephant in one of the conservancies: US$ 18 500
  • 14-day hunt for a trophy elephant in one of the conservancies: US$ 48 500
  • 14-day hunt for a trophy elephant in Bwabwata National Park: US$ 85 000
  • 24-day hunt for two trophy elephant bulls on one or two conservancy(s): US$ 85 000
  • 24-day hunt for two trophy elephant bulls (one bull on a conservancy area and the other one on Park area): US$ 125 000
  • 24-day hunt for two trophy elephant bulls on the Park area: US$ 180 000

  • 14-day hunt for one leopard on private land US$ 16 500
  • 14-day hunt for one leopard on Sobbe conservancy: US$ 16 500
  • 14-day hunt for one leopard on NW conservancy: US$ 28 500
  • 14-day hunt for one leopard in Bwabwata Park: US$ 36 500


  • 12-day hunt for trophy buffalo (in Sobbe) and non-export elephant in Sobbe or Sikunga: US$ 28 500
  • 16-day hunt for trophy elephant and trophy buffalo on conservancy: US$ 57 000
  • 21-day hunt for trophy elephant, trophy buffalo and a leopard on conservancy: US$ 70 000
  • 24-day hunt for trophy elephant, trophy buffalo and a leopard on conservancy: US$ 75 000

  • 12-day hunt for trophy buffalo (in Park) and non-export elephant in Sobbe or Sikunga: US$ 37 500
  • 16-day hunt for trophy elephant and trophy buffalo hunt in Park: US$ 98 000
  • 21-day hunt for trophy elephant, trophy buffalo and a leopard in Park: US$ 115 000
  • 24-day hunt for trophy elephant, trophy buffalo and a leopard in Park: US$ 120 000

Additional game (if available on quota):

Caprivi available species:

Extra days (inclusive of all hunting services, VAT and concession fee) US$
elephant hunts in park 2500
elephant hunts in conservancies 1700
buffalo or leopard hunts hunts 1200
plains game hunts 650
Observers 300
Travel days* 250
Professional videographer** 200

*  Includes the transfers between Katima Mulilo- or Kasane airport and the designated hunting camp

**  Only valid if Ndumo gets a copy of the footage taken otherwise same price as an observer

  • Services of a qualified PH + hunting staff + hunting vehicle.
  • All trophy hunting permits as (required)
  • Accommodation in hunting area (can be in tented camps).
  • Food & drinks (bottled water, soft drinks, beer, and wine).
  • Field preparation of trophies.
  • Daily laundry and cleaning services.
  • Road transfer to primary hunting destination and between closest airport(s) and hunting camp.
  • All taxes and VAT on daily rates.

All quoted packages includes an arrival day, pick up at designated airport, the number of hunting days as stated, a departing day on which client will be dropped off at same airport, plus trophy fee(s) of animals stated as part of package. Day fees are a combination of concession fees, actual hunting day fees and Value Added Tax.

  • Any animals shot | wounded | killed over and above animals as booked in a package.
  • Extra days spent hunting over and above as stipulated in a package.
  • All taxidermy charges (dipping | packing | mounting | shipping) of trophies.
  • Telephone calls, personal extras, hard liquor, gratuities, extra excursions.
  • Accommodation before & | or after safari, as well as travel before and after safari.
  • All personal, accidental & life insurance that client may require.
  • All air charters and road transfers to secondary hunting areas.
  • Firearm permits if required.
  • Accommodation and excursions required outside hunting camps | areas.

The contract to be signed to book the hunt, will also serve as an indemnity, whereby the client(s) agrees that he/she indemnifies the outfitter and anyone working for the outfitter, or any occupant or land owner where the booked hunt is taking place, from any liability, responsibility or claim arising from any personal loss / injury or death, and from any material loss arising from such hunt/activity/ excursion or any other dealings with them. The paying of a deposit into a nominated bank account of Ndumo Safaris also constitutes as an agreement of all these Terms and Conditions.

1.) The client or hunter refers to the person who signs the contract, but is not limited to that, and also includes the agent who sold the hunt, or any other outfitter who bought the hunt from Ndumo Hunting Safaris for resale or the hunting guest and his/ her observers.

2.) The hunting outfitter, Ndumo Hunting Safaris, refers to Ndumo Safaris (Pty) Ltd Reg no. 0002/2016 in Namibia OR Ndumo Hunting Safaris (Pty) Ltd reg. no.2014/239031/07 in South Africa, (depending on where the hunt is conducted) EXCLUSIVELY, and does not refer to any other outside outfitter who acted as an agent on a hunt, any hunting agent used by the outfitter, or any other outfitter who may also operate in or on the same area(s).

3.) Required deposits, payments and refunds

a) Packages:

50% deposit of the total package is payable to secure a date and quota. The remaining 50% of a package is payable no later than 60 days before the start of the hunt.

b) Extra animals booked over and above package animals:

50% deposit of the total trophy fee will secure the quota on extra animals booked. The remaining 50% of the trophy fees for such animals is payable at the end of the hunt.

c) Hunts booked as hunting days plus separate trophy fees for hunted animals:

50% deposit of the total (daily rate) is payable to secure the dates and quota. The remaining 50% of the daily rate is payable no later than 60 days before the start of the hunt. A 50% deposit of the total trophy fees for booked animals will secure the quota for that hunt. The remaining 50% of the trophy fees for such animals are payable at the end of the hunt.

d) Refunds:

In the case that an animal booked is NOT successfully hunted* after an honest effort was made to hunt such an animal for which a deposit has been paid, the following refund(s) applies:

(i) On package animals, as referred to in (3a), 80% of the current years’ pricelist trophy fee will be refunded.

(ii) On extra animals booked, as referred to in (3b) and (3c), the 50% deposit received will be refunded in full.

(iii) In any case where no effort is made by hunter to hunt a booked animal, or in case he turns down a mature representative male of the species, within a reasonable shooting distance, no refund will be made on the remaining booked animals as referred to in 3(ii) and 3(iii), unless we can resell the trophy to another hunter within the same year, in which case the refund is for the amount we resell the trophy for. In other words, if no effort is made to hunt a booked animal, and we may then be stuck with the quota, we may then utilize the full deposit received on such animal to discount the quota to another hunter to make sure that our quota is completely utilized for that year.

(iv) ALL refunds referred to above will ONLY apply if a good mature representative trophy of the booked animal cannot be found during the allotted hunting days booked.

*Not successfully hunted is defined as no shot taken or a shot turned down or missed on a mature representative animal of the species booked. It does NOT cover the possibility that a client does not even attend his/her safari.

e) Additional animals:

Any additional animals available on quota at the time of hunt may be added at the published trophy fee rate. If a hunter wants to be sure that quota is available on a specific animal, such desired animal must be booked in advance, and may also attract a deposit. If specific animals over and above the package animals are not reserved, and thus the quota is not allocated to a specific hunter, no guarantees can be made that it will be available to hunt.

f) Cancellations:

(v) If the outfitter has to cancel the hunt due to reserved quota being no longer available, the client is entitled to a full refund, equal to the amount he/ she has paid to the outfitter.

(vi) If the client or his/ her agent cancels the hunt, no refunds will be considered unless the quota can be resold, in which case the refund amount will be at the sole discretion of the outfitter.

g) Professional Hunter(s)

As far as possible, the PH assigned to the hunt will conduct the said hunt, but in the case that he/ she is not able to do so for whatsoever reason, a suitable replacement will be provided. As far as possible, we will only use PH’s registered with the local PH association(s). PH’s and our hunting staff will have appropriate experience and expertise to conduct the hunt as booked.

h) General

(vii) Ndumo Safaris undertakes to conduct the hunt within the law of the country where the hunt will take place. We undertake to have all relevant permits on hand, and ready for inspection by the client, prior to the commencement of the said hunt.

(viii) We will keep the client informed in a timely manner should any changes occur in regards to quotas, permits, areas or new laws & regulations pertaining to hunting that may influence the success of the said hunt, or the availability of quotas in the area booked.

(ix) All hunting vehicles, accommodations & meals will comply with the standards as set out by the Namibian Tourism Board.

(x) Animals will be hunted in areas of their natural habitat, but as it is hunting, no guarantees regarding success rates are offered, especially on predator hunts. It remains the client’s choice to shoot or not to shoot, and once an animal (or animals) is shot/wounded and/or killed, the client accepts liability for the payment of the said trophy fee, for the animal(s) shot/ killed or wounded.

(xi) In the event of a hunt for dangerous game (including leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, rhino, but not limited to), or in the event of a plains game hunt in an area that holds dangerous game, the client remains responsible for any payments that may be due to the private land owner(s)/ government/ conservancy members, in the event that a dangerous animal has to be shot in defence of human life, whether shot by the PH, the client, or anyone accompanying such hunt, and whether the shot animal was targeted or not, wounded or not, pursued or not.

(xii) In the case of a hunt for crocodile and/or hippo within 10 meters of water, or in water, any shot fired at any one of these species, will be considered a hit, unless evidence to the contrary exists, as it is almost impossible to follow up and confirm the shot on such animals.

(xiii) Back up shots will only be fired by the PH in the event that he/ she was asked to do so by the client, or when in his / her professional opinion, the animal posed a danger to human life, or would in future pose a threat to human life.

(xiv) Due to our low quotas on most dangerous game, a second animal of the same species will normally require a separate hunt booked, or in the case of certain plains game (for example, letchwe, roan and sable), an inflated trophy fee, typical 150% of the normal trophy fee, will be applicable.

(xv) There will be no sliding scale on trophy sizes; the price quoted is for the best available trophy to be found in the allocated time in the booked and allocated area, except in the case of management animal packages.

(xvi) Taxidermy may be arranged by client’s choice of taxidermists, but we prefer that the shipping and packing out of the Caprivi/ Zambezi region is handled by the company we choose, in order to keep the procedure simple, easy and affordable.

(xvii) All prices are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations up until the client has paid a deposit, at which time the prices will be fixed for the specific dates and client(s).

(xviii) All prices are quoted in US$, unless otherwise stated. Payment for extra trophies and other outstanding fees are to be made by the client at the end of the safari, either in cash or by direct bank transfer. (End of safari means the last day in hunting camp.)